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Assoc. Prof. Muharrem EKŞİ

Head of the Department Assoc. Prof. Muharrem EKŞİ

Edited personel information.

17/07/2019 11:25:52

Fatih Aydın

Asst. Prof. Fatih Aydın

Publication(s) edited under "Published Books or Chapters" category.

17/07/2019 02:21:36


Research Assistant Dr. Adnan SEYAZ

Publication(s) edited under "International Conferences and Symposiums" category.

03/07/2019 18:21:55

Şükrü Fırat ÇİFTÇİ

Research Assistant Şükrü Fırat ÇİFTÇİ

Edited personel information.

02/07/2019 19:42:19

Caner Yahya BOYAR

Chief Caner Yahya BOYAR

Publication(s) edited under "National Conferences and Symposiums" category.

26/06/2019 14:47:01

Selçuk TÜRK

Lecturer Selçuk TÜRK

Edited educational information.

17/05/2019 10:10:58

Yılmaz GÜVEN

Asst. Prof. Yılmaz GÜVEN

Edited personel information.

13/05/2019 17:35:40


Instructor Hulya YILMAZ

Edited personel information.

11/04/2019 00:51:28

Mehmet Yesiltas

Asst. Prof. Mehmet Yesiltas

Publication(s) edited under "Articles in SCI, SSCI or SCI Expanded Journals" category.

05/04/2019 10:43:47

Huseyin Sevgi

Arş. Gör. Dr. Huseyin Sevgi

Added personel information.

18/03/2019 13:39:05

Aykut PAJO

Lecturer Aykut PAJO

Publication(s) edited under "Articles in International Peer-reviewed Journals" category.

12/03/2019 21:23:20

Osman Yuksel

Assistant Professor Osman Yuksel

New puplication added to "Art Activities" category.

04/03/2019 18:55:07

Mustafa Utku YILMAZ

Research Assistant Mustafa Utku YILMAZ

Edited personel information.

02/03/2019 01:44:33

Erdal Imamoglu

Dr. Erdal Imamoglu

Edited personel information.

13/02/2019 11:06:18



New puplication added to "International Conferences and Symposiums" category.

05/02/2019 14:40:37


İnstructor Bilal AKYOL

New puplication added to "Articles in International Peer-reviewed Journals" category.

21/12/2018 10:02:18

Mehmet Selman BAYINDIR

Lecturer Mehmet Selman BAYINDIR

Edited personel information.

11/12/2018 23:08:11

Orhan Arkoç

Assoc. Prof. Orhan Arkoç

Publication(s) edited under "Other" category.

10/12/2018 20:47:42


Doç. Dr. Emel PELIT

Edited personel information.

03/12/2018 13:14:46


Öğr. Gör. Oğuzhan ÖZÇELİK

Edited personel information.

30/11/2018 13:19:29

Nuri Gökhan Toprak

Asst. Prof. Nuri Gökhan Toprak

Edited personel information.

10/11/2018 00:21:43


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oguz BASOL

Edited academic information.

30/10/2018 14:21:40

Ahmet Türkmen

Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Ahmet Türkmen

Added personel information.

19/10/2018 21:36:05

Fatih Bal

Lecturer Fatih Bal

Edited personel information.

10/10/2018 15:39:31

Mehmet Fatih COMLEKCI

PhD Mehmet Fatih COMLEKCI

Added "Popular Culture and Media" named lecture to the profile.

05/09/2018 17:02:34

Toygar Sinan Baykan

Assistant Professor Toygar Sinan Baykan

Edited personel information.

01/09/2018 22:35:24

Olcay EKŞİ

Assistant Professor Olcay EKŞİ

"Manager" titled possition edited.

30/07/2018 14:54:12

Burcu ŞEN

Instructor Burcu ŞEN

Edited personel information.

28/06/2018 14:19:20

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