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Personal Information

  • Place of Birth: KAŞ / ANTALYA
Educational Background
  • University of Balikesir- Institute of Social Sciences-Tourism Management and Hospitality (thesis) Doctorate
  • University of Sakarya-Institute of Social Sciences-Tourism Management (thesis) Master's Degree
    Graduation: 2011
  • University of Balikesir-Tourism and Hotel Management School-Tourism and Travel Management Graduate
    Graduation: 2009
  • Elmalı Super High School High School
    Graduation: 2005
Marketing Tourism Management Travel Agents
Academic Titles
  • Lecturer
    University of Kirklareli - Pınarhisar Vocational High School, Start Date: 2010


Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • Assistant Manager 09/03/2017 -
Pınarhisar Vocational School
  • Member Board of Vocational School 09/03/2017 -
Pınarhisar Vocational School
  • Committee Member of Vocational School 09/01/2015 -
Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • Commissioner BEK of Tourism Travel Department 15/09/2014 -
Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • MEVLANA Coordinator of Tourism Travel Department 18/02/2014 -
Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • BOLOGNA Coordinator of Tourism Travel Department 22/11/2013 -
Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • FARABI Coordinator of Tourism Travel Department 28/05/2013 -
Pınarhisar Vocational High School
  • Head of Tourism Travel Department 17/03/2011 -


Articles in International Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Aydin UNAL and OZKAN, S. (2016), The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Travel Agencies: A Research on Agencies That are Members of IATA in Istanbul, Yalova Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi, Year: 7, , Nu: 12, pp.255-267, ISSN: 2146-1406.

  • ERÖZ S., S and Aydin UNAL, (2014). The Relationship of Organizational Climate and Emotional Labor in Hotel Enterprises: A Research in Thrace Region, Hak-İş International Journal of Labour and Society, Year: 3, Vol: 3, Nu: 7, ISSN: 2147-3668.

  • UNAL, Aydin, DURSUN, B., OZKAN, S., IZMIRLI, S.M., ALTAY, A. and AKIN GURDAL, S., (2012), A Study Based On to Determine University Students' Perspective Intended For European Union Membership, Electronic Journal of Vocational Colleges, Vol. 2, Nu. 1, pp.21-31, KIRKLARELI. http://www.ejovoc.org/makaleler/May_2012/flash/index.html; ISSN:2146-7684.

  • UNAL, Aydin and DEMIREL, G., (2011), A Research Related To The Definition Of The Expectations Of Customers That Utilize From The Health Tourism Companies In Bolu Cıty, Electronic Journal of Vocational Colleges, Vol. 1, Nu. 1, pp.106-115, KIRKLARELI. http://www.ejovoc.org/makaleler/aralik_2011/flash/index.html; ISSN:2146-7684.

  • TURKAY, O, UNAL, Aydin and TASAR, O., (2011), The Effects of Emotional Labor on Job Commitment under the Determination of Motivational and Structural Variables, Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi Uluslararası Yönetim İktisat ve İşletme Dergisi, Vol: 7, Nu:14, pp.201-222, ZONGULDAK; http://ijmeb.org/index.php/zkesbe/issue/view/20; ISSN:2147-9194.

Articles in National Peer-reviewed Journals
  • YILMAZ, İ. A., ÜNAL, Aydın ve ÇAKIR, G., (2015), An Evaluation on Sustainable Tourism Literature: The Context of Turkey, Mesleki Bilimler Dergisi, Nu: 4, Vol:2, ss.55-83, ANKARA. http://meslekibilimler.com/temp/makale/2-ibrahim1.pdf; ISSN:2146-7420.

  • EROZ, S. S. ve UNAL, Aydin (2013), An Empirical Research on the Identification of the Relationship Between the Job Satisfaction and tthe Organizational Dependence of the Employees Work in Private Security Institutions, Bingol University Journal of  Social Sciences Institute, Year. 3, Vol. 3, Nu. 6, pp.101-126, BINGOL. http://www.bingol.edu.tr/media/138795/dergi-6-sayi.pdf; ISSN: 1309-6672.

  • USLU, A., AKAY, B. and UNAL, Aydin (2013), The Measurement of The Service Quality Via Ecoserv Method: A Research in Fethiye Butterfly, Journal of Travel and Hospitality Management, Year. 10, Nu. 1, pp.54-71, IZMIR. http://www.soidergi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/10-1-4.pdf; ISSN: 1304-7590.

  • ALTAY, A., UNAL, Aydin, OZKAN, S., IZMIRLI AYAN, S.M., AKIN GURDAL, S. ve DURSUN, B., (2013), A Research Determenıng The Perspectıves Of Unıversıty Students In Toward European Unıon, Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi, Nu. 5, pp.7-22, TRABZON. http://www.sbe.ktu.edu.tr/sbe2/dosya/E_Dergi_5.pdf; ISSN:2146-3727.

  • UNAL, Aydin and TASAR, O., (2012), A Study On Affactive Approaches Of the Students, That Take Education On Tourism At Undergraduate Degree, To English Courses In Terms Of Demographic Aspects, Mesleki Bilimler Dergisi, Vol: 1, Nu: 2, pp.102-111, ANKARA. http://www.meslekibilimler.com/dergi2/index.html; ISSN:2146-7420.

International Conferences and Symposiums
  • UNAL, Aydin, ALTAY, A., OZKAN, S., GURDAL AKIN, S., IZMIRLI, S. M. ve DURSUN, B., A Research Studying The Perspectives In University Toward European Union In Terms Of Demographical Variables, IV. International Congress of Educational Research, 4-7 May 2012, pp.1966-1976., ISTANBUL. ISBN: 978-605-60682-5-6.

  • CAKIR, A, UNAL, Aydin, CAKIR, G. and DEMIREL, G., This Is An Amprical Resarch To Specify The Kitchen Warehouse Equipment And Sufficiency In Vocational School, I.International Tourism And Hotel Management Symposium, 29 September – 1 October 2011, pp.164-172., BEYSEHIR, KONYA.

  • DEMIREL, G. and UNAL, Aydin, Research To Analyze The Perception Of Organisational Alienation Within The Students Taking Tourism Education In The Vocational School: Example Of Pinarhisar Vocational School, II.International VI.National Vocational School Symposium, 25-27 May 2011, KUSADASI – AYDIN.

  • TURKAY, O, UNAL, Aydin and TASAR, O., The Delegatıve Leadershıp Features Of Servıce Managers: A Quantıtatıve Research On Managers Form Dıfferent Sectors In East Marmara, International Eastern Black Sea Tourism Symposıum, 7-9 October 2010, pp.33-42., GIRESUN. ISBN: 978-975-01408-7-7.

National Conferences and Symposiums
  • HACIOGLU, N., UNAL, Aydin, KAN, N. and SAATCI, G., The Education Perspectives of Tourism Students in Vocational Collages and Their Expectations From Education, 15. Ulusal Turizm Kongresi, 13-16 Novamber 2014, pp.1399-1414., ANKARA.

  • TURKAY, O., SOLMAZ, S. A., YENISEHIRLIOGLU, E. ve UNAL, Aydin (2013), The Effect of the Organizational Alienation on the Organizational Citizenship: A Research on 4 and 5 Star Hotels Managements in Istanbul, I. Örgütsel Davranış Kongresi, 15-16 November 2013, pp.326-334., SAKARYA.

  • UNAL, Aydin, CAKIR, G., CAKIR, A. and CIFTCI, G., A Research on the Determination of Rural Tourism Potential of the Strandja Mountains and the surrounding area and Determination of Varieties and Alternative Tourism, II. Ulusal Kırsal Turizm Sempozyumu, 20-22 September 2012, AKSARAY.

  • UNAL, Aydin and TURKAY, O., The Effect of the Organizational Trust on the Emotional Labour:  A Research On 4 And 5 Star Hotels in Istanbul, VI. Lisansüstü Turizm Öğrencileri Araştırma Kongresi, 12-15 April 2012, pp.785-787., KEMER - ANTALYA. ISBN: 978-605-5437-80-0.

  • SARIISIK, M, UNAL, Aydin ve TASAR, O., A Research Towards Determining the Perspectives of Food and Beverage Business Excutives’ Leadership Types, XI. Ulusal Turizm Kongresi, 2-5 December 2010, pp.262-274., KUSADASI – AYDIN. ISBN: 978-605-5681-95-1.

Published Books or Chapters
  • Sahin, S., ve UNAL, Aydin, (2016), Legally Classification of Tourism Businesses in Turkey. GENERAL TOURISM. (Ed: Necdet HACIOGLU, Mesut BOZKURT ve Bayram SAHIN), pp.101-118, Paradigma Akademi Yayınları, ÇANAKKALE. ISBN: 978-605-66861-3-9.

  • Sahin, S., ve UNAL, Aydin, (2016), International and National Tourism Associations. GENERAL TOURISM. (Ed: Necdet HACIOGLU, Mesut BOZKURT ve Bayram SAHIN), pp.257-276, Paradigma Akademi Yayınları, ÇANAKKALE. ISBN: 978-605-66861-3-9.

  • Bozkurt, M., ve UNAL, Aydin, (2015), Marketing Concept in a General Manner and Tourism Marketing. TOURISM MARKETING-Principles and Applications. (Ed: Mesut BOZKURT and Bayram SAHIN), pp.19-41, Paradigma Akademi Yayınları, ÇANAKKALE. ISBN: 978-605-9743-03-7.

  • UNAL, Aydın and Bozkurt, M., (2014), Marketing Concept in a General Manner and Shifts in Marketing Approaches, Marketing for Vocational Collages, (Ed.: Mesut BOZKURT), pp.1-23, Paradigma Akademi Yayınları, ÇANAKKALE. ISBN: 978-605-4393-29-9.

  • Project of 2010 - New Start For Cross - Border Heritages Promotion; Turkey - Bulgaria IPA Cross - Border Programme; CCI No: 2007 CB 16 IPO 008 - 2009 - 1 - 026; Project Date: 25.06.2011 - 08.06.2012. http://www.heritages.info

    Position: Expert;

    Total Budget: 92000€

  • UNAL, Aydin, Ecotourism Workshop and Strandja, 24 - 25 May 2013, :IGNEADA - KIRKLARELI. ISBN: 978-605-149-455-5.

  • ÜNAL, Aydın (2011), The Effect of the Organizational Trust on the Emotional Labour: A Research on 4 and 5 Star Hotels Managements in Istanbul, Sakarya Univesity, Instıtute of Social Sciences, Management of Tourism,  Master Thesis, Sakarya. Thesis Advisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Oguz TURKAY.

  • UNAL, Aydin and TURKAY, O., Management of Emational Labor: Examples of Sakarya Hotels, IX.Geleneksel Turizm Paneli, 15 April 2010, pp.114-123., SAKARYA.


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