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Personal Information

  • Place of Birth: ISTANBUL
Educational Background
  • Marmara University, International Relations Doctorate
    Graduation: 2018
  • Marmara University, International Relations Master's Degree
    Graduation: 2012
  • Marmara University, Political Science and International Relations Graduate
    Graduation: 2009
  • Otakcılar High School (Foreign Language Weighted) High School
    Graduation: 2005
Democratization Democratic Consolidation in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Russian Politics
Russian (preintermediate)
Academic Titles
  • Research Assistant Doctor
    Kirklareli University, Start Date: 2009


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Articles in International Peer-reviewed Journals
International Conferences and Symposiums
  • Adnan SEYAZ, "Russia's Managed Democracy in 2000s: How Informal Politics Contributed?", Prague Charles University, International Conference on Democracy, State and Informal Politics in Comparative Perspective, Prague (Czech Republic) 20 November 2014.

  • Adnan SEYAZ, "The EU's Effect on the Security of Post Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina", Kocaeli University International Balkan Congress (Security Approaches of International Organizations in the 21st Century and Security of the Balkans), Kocaeli (Turkey), 2011: pp. 520-525. Erişim:

  • Adnan SEYAZ, "How Has Black Sea Security Been Affected by NATO-Russia Relations Since the Invasion of Crimea?" International Conference on NATO Towards the Challenge of A Contemporary World-After the Warsaw 2016 Summit, Lodz (Poland), 15-16 November 2016.  

  • SEYAZ, Adnan, (2018) "The Effect of the Russian Presidential System on the Political Regime: A Comparative Analysis of Yeltsin and Putin Periods", European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Hamburg General Conference, 22-25 August.

National Conferences and Symposiums
  • Adnan SEYAZ, "Democratization in Balkans Within the Frame of the European Union Membership Perspective", Namik Kemal University, Turquoise Social Science Congress, Tekirdağ (Turkey), 16-18 September 2015.

Published Books or Chapters
  • GURSOY, Sezin Iba and Adnan SEYAZ, "Russia's Energy Policy: From Narrow to Broad Impact", Energy Diplomacy, Istanbul: Beta Publications, 2015, pp. 193-214. 

  • SEYAZ, Adnan and Sezin Iba GURSOY , "The Evolution of the Refugee Concept in International Law", Syrian Crisis in International Politics, Istanbul: Beta Publications, 2016, pp. 587-596. 

  • SEYAZ, Adnan (2018), "Black Sea Security in the Context of Nato-Russia Relations Since March 2014" Black Sea Geopolitics Istanbul: Beta Publications, pp. 391-401.

  • SEYAZ, Adnan  (2018) "The European Union's Caucasia Policy and Black Sea" Black Sea Geopolitics, Istanbul: Beta Publications, pp. 818-825.


    International Security in the 21. Century, Council of International Relations, Ilgaz Security Academy VII, December 19-23, 2012.

  • Greek-Turkish Youth Symposium on Security, Kadir Has University Center for International and European Studies (NATO Public Diplomacy Division and Navarino Network Co-sponsorship), Thessaloniki, 9-13 December 2015. 

  • "Changemakers in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean South", International Neighbourhood Symposium, Odessa, Ukraine, 13-18 June 2017.

  • "Relations Between Armenia and Turkey: Prospects and Challenges", Civic Consent, Yerevan, Armenia, 19-23 May 2017.

  • Perm Forum New Generation Program, "The World in the XXI Century Through the Eyes of Youth", Perm (Russia), 07-10.09.2018. 


Turkish - Rusian Relations


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